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Our Designer, Owner & Operator

Kajuandria Williams brings almost 5 years of experience in the event industry and is an Accredited Event Designer from the Institute of Wedding and Event Design.

My Story

The foundation of our business traces back to my teenage years when I started creating t-shirts using printable inkjet paper from Walmart at just 15 years old. Initially, I made memorial t-shirts, obituaries, and even scanned school day and prom pictures to help my peers save money. This side hustle continued through my college years.

About 15 years later, my business journey began with the acquisition of my first Silhouette Cameo. I specialized in custom t-shirts and personalized items like cups, stationery, jewelry, and cellphone accessories for individuals and small businesses.

After pursuing this for about 2 1/2 years, I decided to transform my beloved hobby into a full-fledged business on my 35th birthday. The official launch took place at my 35th Birthday party in September 2020, right in the midst of the pandemic. The path has been challenging, but I can proudly say that I have made significant progress. I have received training from exceptional event designers.

Although my professional background is in nursing, I find a way to blend both worlds. I refer to it as my creative passion for assisting others. When clients engage me for an event, I take on the responsibility of creating enduring memories. One of the most cherished moments in my business was organizing the first birthday party for a 58-year-old client, which turned out to be her final celebration before she passed away three months later. Her children frequently express their gratitude as they have cherished photos and memories from that event, making their mother's birthday truly special. This drive and inspiration push me to further expand my business. Consequently, I have established a brand that encompasses Williams Printing and Things for branding, graphics, and printing services, WPT Events and Designs for event decor and rentals, and the newly founded W Event Studio venue in Olive Branch, Mississippi.



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